​SharePoint is a Microsoft product that allows the rapid building of web-based portals. I use SharePoint 2013 for all my current web sites.

These wiki pages provide specifics on performing certain custom functions.


AngularJS and SharePoint

 3/23/2018 3:00 PMCigars; IT; SharePoint

​I will be presenting at SharePoint Saturday in Virginia Beach this weekend, my presentation, "AngularJS and SharePoint", is available under the "Public" folder on my home page, as well as the application files, "Cigar Application.zip".

Angular Tutorial No. 2: Angular and the User Information List

 10/13/2017 11:00 AMIT; SharePoint; Twitter

​My second tutorial on AngularJS, retrieving data from the User Information List. I am branching into REST in addition to CSOM to talk to SharePoint.

Angular and the User Information List


Single Page Applications

 10/13/2017 9:00 AMIT; SharePoint; Twitter

I was working on my next tutorial, and I wanted to stop and highlight this particular video. I often mention my Twitter feed, where I reference several videos and articles that have been helpful in my growth as a developer, especially in my latest foray into AngularJS. Twitter is my scratch pad for the Internet. When I find something useful, I used to make a bookmark, whether at home or at work. Then, I wouldn't have that bookmark when I wasn't at home or at work, or I was on my laptop and not my iPad. Syncing up all my bookmarks seemed a lot of trouble. So instead, I just tweeted every useful link, so I could find it again anywhere. The really cool thing is, other people see my links and find them useful as well. I am glad to help other people discover useful things.

Well, Tony Alicea has a great, great video on how to use the fragment identifier to render single page applications here: https://youtu.be/qvHecQOiu8g. I highly recommend watching it, and the rest of the series. He explains in very simple terms how to use hash tags (remember anchors? Does anyone use anchors in web pages anymore?) to essential mimic the functionality of Ajax, without all the overhead of Ajax. In simple terms, a single page application is loaded once, and a portion of the page is reloaded on demand. This means you don't see a flickering of the web page, which happens when you have to reload the entire page. All of this is possible through the use of fragment identifiers (hash tags) and the AngularJS location service. This is a huge improvement over earlier web-based applications. 

AngularJS Tutorial

 10/13/2017 7:00 AMIT; SharePoint; Twitter

My current assignment is to build an application using AngularJS to manage a SharePoint 2013 site. There is a lot of information out there about the different versions of Angular, I have a list of good videos in my Twitter feed. But I had to cobble together a lot of different information to get my working version. I wanted to document it here, early in the process, in hopes someone else will benefit from it.

Continued here: Angular.

Learning Phase

 8/11/2017 1:00 AMIT; SharePoint

​To get up to speed for my new gig, I have had to take crash courses on:

  • AngularJS
  • MVC
  • InfoPath
  • Visual Studio Team Services
  • GitHub
Every day reveals a new technology. Thank goodness for Microsoft Virtual Academy. I did learn one neat trick: Hook an HDMI cable from my laptop to the TV in my hotel. Much easier to watch Netflix, um, I mean training videos, yeah, just training videos on a big TV. Well, and some Netflix. It's fun to learn, I wish it was just one or two technologies instead of a half-dozen.

Turn off RSS Feed when viewing REST URI

 5/22/2015 8:00 PMSharePoint; IT

​I am learning about REST URIs in SharePoint, which generates XML. I use Chrome as much as possible, but the XML is not in a pretty format, like in IE. But IE turns XML into an RSS Feed. How do disable that default setting? The answer comes from Craig Pilkerton at NothingButSharePoint.com:

​"Note: if you are not seeing the SharePoint List information as XML in the browser then you’ll need to turn off RSS feed reading. In Internet Explorer 7 or greater, go to Tools–>Internet Options–>Content tab–>Feeds and Web Slices-settings​​"

Here's a graphic:

SharePoint 2013 App Development

 5/21/2015 1:00 PMIT; SharePoint

SharePoint Saturday 2015

 1/11/2015 7:00 PMIT; SharePoint
​I had a really good time at SharePoint Saturday 2015​ this weekend. As always, I had a chance to learn something new. Not as much as LAST year when I got a good look at Office 365, the SharePoint Store, and SharePoint 2013, but still plenty of new stuff to explore.

Modal Mania​ explained how to use JavaScript to launch modal dialogs on a SharePoint 2013 site using the SP.UI library.

Anatomy of a Mail App talked about building Office Apps and making them available in the Office Store, much like the SharePoint store. Definitely going to look into this.

​​SharePoint Event Receivers covered new event receivers for SharePoint 2010 and 2013.

Updates to Research Lodge No. 1777

 1/4/2015 8:00 AMMasonry; SharePoint

​I have been updating my links on http://www.researchlodge.org. This includes all Grand Lodges in the U.S., all Eastern Star Grand Chapters in the U.S., and all York Rite International and U.S. grand bodies: Grand Chapter of Royal Arch, Grand Council of Cryptic Masons (except Virginia and West Virginia, I don't know why we are different), and Grand Commanderies of Knights Templar.

I had started this project several web site versions ago, but my list of Blue Lodge web sites was so out of date, I didn't even publish it this time. I have just reviewed the Lodges, and chose to just focus on Virginia. I had the crazy idea to go and get EVERY Lodge from EVERY Grand Lodge, but it's too much work to just maintain it year after year. So instead, I am adding a link to the lodge locator page for each Grand Lodge, assuming they have a list of Blue Lodges. If they don't, then why have a Grand Lodge web site in the first place?

It is a lot of fun to see all the different web sites that individual Masons like me sat down and created. The sad thing is to see a well-designed web site that has a list of officers from 2006 or something. It means some hard-charging Senior Deacon put in the time years ago to build it, and never kept it going, or found someone else to maintain it. I think every fraternal organization has a duty to maintain a presence on the web. It not only attracts new members, but it keeps the current ones informed. I am planning to write a paper on Social Media and Lodges, there is a lot of lessons learned that I need to record and organize, to be of help to others. 

Check out the site, it even has a slide show of Grand Lodge web sites.

Using Twitter Cards

 12/7/2014 11:00 PMIT; Twitter; Facebook; SharePoint

​I have not successfully added meta tags for Facebook posts from my various SharePoint sites, but I have managed to get Twitter Cards to work:


Basically, you add meta tags to the Master Page and Twitter will add a card to your Tweet if you reference the URL of your site. It's pretty cool.

Adding Twitter Feed to SharePoint 2013

 8/23/2014 8:00 PMIT; SharePoint; Twitter

​I discovered a super easy way to add my Twitter Feed to my SharePoint page. I struggled with this in 2010, and it never seemed to work for long. Just follow these steps:

  • Sign into your twitter account at http://twitter.com​.
  • Click the gear icon on the toolbar, and click "Settings".
  • From the Settings page, click "Widgets" in the left-hand column.
  • Click ​"Create New" in the right-hand column.
  • ​From the "Create a user widget" page, you should be on the "User ​timeline" tab ​(if not, click "User timeline").
  • ​Choose your configuration options and click ​"Create widget".
  • ​Select the code at the bottom of the right-hand ​pane (underneath the preview) ​and click "Copy".
  • Click "Save changes".
  • ​Sign in to your SharePoint 2013 site and select the page where you want to add the feed.
  • Unpublish and edit the page using the toolbar.
  • With your page in edit mode, click "Insert|Embed Code".
  • ​From the Embed dialog, paste the code from Twitter.
  • Save and publish your page.

​There are additional options on the "Create a user widget" page to display your favorites, your lists, etc.

You have to deactivate the Site Feature "Minimal Download Strategy​" for the Web Part to display correctly.

Hiding the Page Title link in SharePoint 2013

 8/14/2014 6:00 PMIT; SharePoint

​SharePoint 2013 will display a Page Title at the top of every Site Page, use SharePoint Designer 2013 to hide the link:

  • ​Open your site in SharePoint Designer 2013
  • Open Master Pages.
  • Using the arrow keys, highlight each of the master files until you find the one where "Set as Default" is greyed out in the toolbar. This is your default master page. NOTE: It should be either oslo.master or seattle.master. If you click on the master page, it will open the properties window.
  • Right-click and drag the default master page and click "Copy here". Rename the copy.
  • Check out the default Master Page.
  • Right-click the Master Page and click "Edit File in Advanced Mode".​
  • In the Master Page, find the SharePoint:SPTitleBreadcrumb​ tag and comment it out using <!-- and -->.
  • Save and check in the Master Page.

Setting theme in Master Page for Anonymous Users

 8/14/2014 5:30 PMIT; SharePoint

​Because of a quirk in SharePoint 2013, every page I add JavaScript to no longer shows a theme to Anonymous users. To "fix" the problem, I have to resort to a trick from Sharepoint 2010: Specify the theme in the Master Page. Until I can find another solution, I have implemented this in all my sites.

  • ​Open the site in SharePoint Designer 2013.
  • Open All Files to _themes and open the number folder (there may be more than one to try).
  • Find the first .themedcss file that matches your master page (either Oslo or Seattle) and copy the title, minus the site URL.
    Example: /_themes/6/oslo-236A6B32.themedcss.
  • Open Master Pages.
  • Using the arrow keys, highlight each of the master files until you find the one where "Set as Default" is greyed out in the toolbar. This is your default master page. NOTE: If you click on the master page, it will open the properties window.
  • Right-click and drag the default master page and click "Copy here". Rename the copy.
  • Right-click the default master page and click "Edit File in Advanced Mode".​
  • In the Master Page, find the ​SharePoint:CSSLink tag.
  • Add the following tag, substituting your .themescss file path from the previous step as the name attribute:
    <SharePoint:CssRegistration runat="server" name="/_themes/6/oslo-236A6B32.themedcss" EnableCssTheming="true" After="true"/>
  • Save and check in your Master Page. Click "OK" to override the changing site definition warning.

SharePoint 2010 Themes

 5/30/2014 2:30 PMIT; SharePoint

(Originally posted 2/6/2012)

Is it just me, or are the SharePoint 2010 Themes just not as easy on the eye as SharePoint 2007? With 2007, almost all of them would 'work' for a page, and I could go back and forth between two or three until one looked just right for a site.

With 2010, every single one is jarring to the eye. There is at least one color (link, header, background) in EVERY Theme that makes me reject it. Watch for my colors to change as I keep looking. I really don't have time to find a custom Theme, I wish I could find one out of the box and just be done with it.

And don't get me started on Themes not being visible to anonymous users. So, disregard my comment about you people seeing the changes.

UPDATE: SharePoint 2013 Themes are pretty cool. Plus, anonymous users see them without customizing the master page. So, a begrudging thumbs-up to Microsoft for fixing one thing in 2013.

Migrating to SharePoint 2013

 5/29/2014 8:00 PMIT; SharePoint

​I am moving to a new web hosting service, http://www.apps4rent.com. This lets me use SharePoint 2013, which is an eye-opening experience. It seems there are some lists, such as this blog, which can't be easily migrated. But I am looking forward to learning the latest version of SharePoint​, and I will be documenting what I learn in Wiki pages on this site.

CigarDoug Twitter Feed

 1/22/2012 8:39 PMCigars; SharePoint; Twitter
My Twitter Feed, @CigarDoug, is now available on my home page. You can also use this link to follow me: http://twitter.com/CigarDoug​​​​

Using Categories instead of Folders in SharePoint Libraries

 8/24/2011 3:19 PMSharePoint
​A "feature" of a SharePoint Library with folders is that, when you drill down into a folder on the Web Part, you don't have any means to move back up; short of reloading the page.  Instead, I recommend using a "Category" field to group your documents. See the Wiki page below for deta​ils:

Attending Hampton Roads SQL/SharePoint User Group

 8/17/2011 9:52 PMSharePoint
I am at InfoTec in Virginia Beach, listening to one of the speakers at the "Lightning Round" Session. The Hampton Roads SQL Server & SharePoint User Group (HRSSUG) meets on the third Wednesday of every month. They generally have one or two speakers, but this meeting they have several speakers, each giving short presentations. You can find more information on their web site, http://www.hrssug.com.


Lodge Web Sites now in SP 2010!

 8/13/2011 6:51 PMIT; Masonry; SharePoint
Both of my other web sites, www.oceanview335.com and www.researchlodge.org​, are now in SharePoint 2010! This was a lot of work, as I had to rebuild them from SharePoint 2007 and ASP. This is really exciting for me to work with SP 2010, there is a lot of functionality I need to get familiar with.​​​


 8/4/2011 9:04 AMSharePoint
Still trying to get the site converted over, not as straightforward as I thought. More content to come!

Oh, and Happy Birthday to me!​​

Relative Reference

 7/4/2011 4:05 AMIT; SharePoint
​There are certain macros used to convert a list of lodges from a web site to an Excel spreadsheet.  You must have the Relative Reference button on the toolbar to use relative references in macros:
  ActiveCell.Offset(-1, -1).Range("A1").Select
Without relative reference, a macro that selects cell "A3" will ALWAYS select cell "A3", regardless of what cell you start the macro from.  When you record a macro, the Relative Reference toolbar button is displayed in the popup menu.  Copy it to a toolbar menu and save your Excel spreadsheet.  The button will then be available in the future.  If you record a macro and Relative Reference is not enabled, click the Relative Reference button and record the macro again.

Paste Hyperlink

 7/4/2011 4:04 AMIT; SharePoint
​To pull the hyperlink from one cell and paste the URL into the adjoining cell, paste this code into a macro:
    If ActiveCell.Hyperlinks.Count > 0 Then
        ActiveCell.Offset(0, 1).Range("A1").Value = ActiveCell.Hyperlinks(1).Address
    End If
    ActiveCell.Offset(1, 0).Range("A1").Select
If your cursor is in cell B1 when you run this macro, the hyperlink from B1 is copied to C1, and the cursor is moved to C1.  By using a shortcut key, such as Ctrl-Q, you can quickly move through all rows in your spreadsheet.

Conversion to SharePoint Foundation underway

 6/23/2011 8:42 PMIT; SharePoint
I am upgrading all my various sites from ASP.NET or WSS to SharePoint ​Foundation 2010. I am really impressed how Microsoft actually LISTENED when they did an upgrade, many of the OOTB features are things I had to kludge write the correct code for, before.  Excellent job.

The best part is, you can install SharePoint Foundation 2010 (the free version, think of WSS) on a Windows 7 platform. This means, I can have SP 2010 and Visual Studio 2008 on my laptop. Way cool.

Anyway, this week I have been converting over my blog, which was not an easy task. I have tried to correct links, formatting, etc. as I went along. When I first wrote my blog, I wrote the code myself in VB.NET, because I wanted to figure it out myself.  Now, I will let SP do the heavy lifting.  I look forward to seeing comments on my blog posts.

Web Site Hosting

 5/11/2011 8:05 AMIT; SharePoint

I am looking for a new company to host several web sites. The plan must include:

-- Sharepoint 2010 Foundation (free version)

-- SQL Server


-- Shopping Cart - Specifically to allow users to make credit card purchases, including subscriptions to the site.

I have been looking, but have not been successful in finding the right company.

Also, my current provider seems to have some email issues with google, I fear their IPs may be blacklisted. Long story short, their email forwarding and lists are hit or miss, and I need reliable email services.

If you don't follow all the technical jargon here, don't sweat it. If you or someone you know has a web site, just email me the address and I will check the specs myself. Click ""Send Email"" to contact me. Thank you! (UPDATE: Email link disabled.)

Job Search

 3/15/2011 11:40 AMIT; SharePoint

​If you have found this site based on my resume, thank you for visiting my site. I have designed web sites since 1995, starting with HTML and JavaScript, later ASP and ASP.NET, and most recently using SharePoint, both the free version (WSS) and the Enterprise version (MOSS). I also have a great deal of experience with CSS, VBScript, DHTML, XML, XSL and XSLT.

This site was built with ASP.NET. When blog sites became popular, I created my own just to see how they work. Please look around.

Here are other samples of my work:

How to be an expert

 10/3/2009 6:07 PMIT; SharePoint; SQL; Surfendipity
I came across this picture while surfing the net; actually while deleting old bookmarks on my new desktop computer. I really like Windows 7, which I installed on my brand new laptop, so I am going to slick the desktop and install Windows 7 instead of Vista. Before I do that, I really needed to cleanup the backup of a backup of the documents folder of the backup from three computers ago - you know what I mean? Anyway, looking at one bookmarks made me do a search, and I found this image by accident; I think it really captures the essence of programming. Probably other career fields as well that require creativity as well.
And yes, I am definitely in the Kicking Ass threshold. If only I figured that out a few years back, I would where I am now, um, back then.

30 Creative Resumes for Designers

 9/24/2009 12:24 PMIT; SharePoint; Surfendipity
More surfendipity: Came across this collection of creative resumes actually submitted by designers. I would hope the person hiring would appreciate the creativity in stepping outside the black & white resume box. If not, I hope these designers kept looking for a better gig.
Found the link while reading www.thedailywtf.com, specifically this article about how not to submit a cover letter.


Microsoft SharePoint Team Blog

 2/27/2009 9:51 AMIT; SharePoint

I attended SharePoint Admin & Troubleshooting training this week in Washington, DC. One of the gems I picked up was the Microsoft SharePoint Team Blog, a great source of info for SharePoint developers. I am currently developing SharePoint apps for my client, and am looking at using it for my web site and the masonic web sites I created. If you see a major change in this site, it's because of SharePoint. As much as I like developing in ASP.NET, there are capabilities SharePoint provides that make web development easier.​

New and improved Blogosphere

 3/7/2005 8:36 AMIT; SharePoint
​Well, after much effort, I can now enter links in a blog (updated the earlier post). I can also edit and delete previous posts, which will help maintain this site.

UPDATE: This post related to my homemade blog software. I am now using SharePoint to host my site.


My SharePoint Tweets​​

 SharePoint Tweets